Why Filipinos Work Abroad

Every end of the month or at the start, it is usual for Filipino families to wait for their loved ones to send money to the Philippines because it is payday. Many Filipino families depend on the salary of their loved ones abroad and we are not talking of only one family here. You see, Filipinos like to keep their nuclear family and they only depend on their family bread winner for their monthly consumption. It might sound weird for other people but that's just the way it is to the Filipinos. That is why more and more Filipinos are encouraged to work abroad because a lot of their Family members depend on them for financial support. While other countries export goods, Philippines exports manpower. One of the main reasons why they work abroad is that they are attracted to the higher rate of salaries and higher exchange rates. Most Filipinos always end up not satisfied with their local jobs because their salary could not compensate to the labor they put on their work and the money compensated for it. Even those who have the best profession in town might not feel that they are equally compensated with what they really deserve. 

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