Why Videos are Critical to the Success of your Business

When it comes to video production NZ, businesses spare no expense because they know the impact of videos in boosting sales. In fact, using videos for marketing purpose has become a common practice among businesses all over the world and not in New Zealand alone. 
When you consider the advantages of videos outlined below, you will understand why your marketing strategies are not complete without video clips. 
Videos capture more messages
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture will pass more information than ordinary text when advertising. The question is, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Up to a billion right? A video says much more than ordinary text so it attracts more viewers than readers. This is one big reason businesses now use it for adverts. 
Higher search engine ranking 
Google and other search engines rank websites with videos higher than websites without videos. This is another reason a lot of websites now have short videos. Ranking higher will bring more traffic and more sales to your website.
Higher conversion rate 
Due to the fact that videos linger in the minds of viewers longer than images and text, they usually give higher conversion rate. Apart from that, videos are much more credible. 
Faster publicity 
Do you know that videos usually go viral more than pictures and text? This is because people generally find videos more interesting and more sharable. So, using videos will increase the chances f your campaign going viral. However, you could add a bit of humor as hilarious posts almost always go viral. 
Conclusively, to make the best out of your video, it is better to make it very short. If a video becomes too long, it becomes boring gradually. An ideal video clip should not exceed a minute. Secondly, it is important to pass the most important information first because not everyone will watch it to the end.


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